How To Find Earnings (EMPV) By Country With Ezoic

This is an important thing to be able to do once you have traffic from many different countries around the world and you have Ezoic ads installed. It can be very useful to see how much traffic you are getting from specific individual countries, and how much earnings traffic from each country is generating for you.

That way, you can see which countries are the most valuable to you in terms of traffic, because they generate the highest earnings per thousand pageviews (also referred to as EMPV). You can also see which countries/audiences offer lower earnings per thousand views, and therefore take less priority in terms of seeking out global audiences.

Although morally speaking it shouldn’t really be the case, it is unfortunately true that certain countries/audiences are far more valuable to publishers in terms of advertising revenue than others, so it is very useful to be able to dive into your Ezoic Analytics to see which countries earn you the most ad revenue in terms of the overall amount, and also per thousand visits.

Ezoic’s dashboard can look very overwhelming, so we’ll give very quick steps for how to quickly sort out earnings and EPMV by country:

  • Go to Analytics on your Ezoic Dashboard
  • Go to Audience, then Location
  • EPMV will be displayed on the far right
  • Click on Columns to Add/Remove columns.
  • Press the arrow near EPMV to sort from highest to lowest

Let’s go into more detailed, illustrated steps, and then also offer some overviews on EMPV in different parts of the world, plus what you can with the information Ezoic can provide you on earnings by region.

More Detailed Steps on How To Find Earnings Per Country With Ezoic

Let’s go through step by step with screenshots of how to find earnings/EPMV per country in Ezoic.

Step 1 – Log into Ezoic, and go to Analytics on the Dashboard:

This takes you into Ezoic’s Big Data feature, where you can crunch all the numbers from your website, including earnings.

Step 2 – Once inside the Analytics, go to Audience on the left hand side, and then Location in the drop down menu:

This filters all your traffic and revenue stats by country.

Step 3 – Sort Your Data – You should now have in front of you a big set of data, which can look a bit overwhelming. Click on Columns to bring up all the active data columns Ezoic has provided you with, and you can check and uncheck the ones you want or don’t want as needed to streamline the data that is displayed.

Just make sure EPMV (and Earnings if desired) are left checked. Get rid of anything else you don’t want. You can also filter by Time at the top of the screen, viewing data over the last day, week, month etc.

Step 4 – Sort EPMV by Country – You should now have in front of you a nice streamlined set of data. Just click on the arrows right near EPMV to sort earnings by country in ascending or descending order, so you can easily see at a glance which traffic from which countries earns you the most and least revenue on your Ezoic-connected websites.

You might have to filter out some anomalies of countries at the top with really high EMPV’s, but from only one or a handful or pageviews – extrapolating from too small a dataset. It will be clear though which countries are your most profitable in terms of considerable traffic and EMPV. United States, Commonwealth countries and Western Europe will likely be up there.

A General Overview of Higher and Lower EPMV Countries

It is a sad reality that ad earnings do vary a lot between countries. In an ideal world it would be the same across the board, but ad revenue and EPMV depends on how broad and deep advertising markets are in each country, plus how valuable the audiences are considered to be to advertisers in each country.

Here is a general overview:

High EMPV countries:

  • United States – Almost always the highest, as a huge amount is spent on advertising in America.
  • United Kingdom – Often very close behind or equal to the USA.

Medium-High EMPV countries:

  • Canada – Often a little behind the USA and UK, but still decent earnings per thousand pageviews.
  • Australia – Same as Canada.
  • Switzerland
  • Sometimes France and Germany, but does vary.

Medium EMPV Countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Italy (sometimes lower – can vary)
  • Portugal
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland

Lower EPMV Countries:

  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Other poorer countries in southern and eastern Europe
  • Brazil
  • South and Central America in general
  • In general, most second and third world countries may have large potential audiences, but don’t deliver great EMPVs simply because ad spend is not as high and the audience is not considered as valuable by advertisers.

Or course there are the usual caveats to this, with ad rates still varying depending on other factors, like niche, audience, topic etc. But in general the above pattern will tend to hold – US, UK and Commonwealth higher, followed by Western Europe and then other countries.

Using EPMV By Country Information Effectively

The most obvious insight you can get from this data is to see which countries are your most valuable in terms of how much ad revenue traffic from there brings you. This means you can work your content creation and monetization around which countries are most valuable to you in terms of ad revenue. Here are some crucial insights you can take:

1. Target US Traffic – Most bloggers learn this very quickly once they start running ads on their site. The US market is by far the most valuable in terms of ad revenue, so always target this market with your content if possible. Write in American English and use American terms if possible. Always be looking to drive traffic from America to get the best ad earnings.

2. Create country specific content – However, by diving down into your Ezoic Analytics, you can also see other countries which might not be quite up there with America in terms of EPMV, but are still pretty close. UK, Canada, Australia and Western Europe are candidates here. Look to create location specific content for these countries (eg. “best X for Y in …..” is a great one if your niche warrants it). It can be easier to rank for broader keywords if you produce specific articles for specific countries, since search engines are looking for relevance in ranking search results in different regions. The “best X for Y” might vary between countries, so it’s best to incorporate this into the content you create.

3. Affiliate opportunities – Once you identify a market that’s especially valuable to you, you can also look for affiliate opportunities in that country through ad networks. Admitad is a great network to get started with on this – they offer you access to affiliate programs all over the world in many sectors. You can find a great little niche for yourself if you can drive traffic from a specific country or region and monetize it with very specific affiliate deals.


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