About Us

New Blogger Zone is a site set up to be a resource for people just starting out in their first year of blogging or niche site affiliate marketing. It is designed to provide down to earth, no nonsense advice and resources for people new or relatively new to the field of making money online.

The content on the site is basically a repository of all the information learned from my first year of blogging – questions I wanted to know the answer to, resources I wish I had known about earlier, and mistakes I have made along the way.

By basically going back over my own learning curve and creating content on the lessons learned, I hope to help other people in the same position who are just starting out and want resources on how to do things the easy, non technical, hassle free way.

Here are come of the topics I cover:

  • Setting up a WordPress Blog
  • WordPress How-To Guides.
  • Useful Plugins to make things easier for non technical users
  • SEO – Theory and practice
  • WordPress troubleshooting
  • Keyword Research
  • Content creation for blogs.

I cover these from personal experience solving problems, plus the knowledge I gained in my first year or two following digital marketers like WP Eagle, Income School, Doug Cunnington and others.

These days, I almost exclusively follow the philosophy of Income School, simply because they have what I believe is the best approach for new bloggers – simple, down to earth and focused only on the things that really move the needle and not obsessing about small technical stuff that doesn’t really matter for most bloggers.

I unapologetically promote Income School’s philosophy and videos on my website because it’s the best approach I’ve found by far in the entire blogging/SEO field for beginners. They cut through all the information that’s out there and bring you the stuff that actually matters. I’m aiming to do the same with this site.

I strongly recommened not listening to too many people in the early months and years, because you’ll get bogged down with differing opinions and won’t actually get stuff done. I advise to find an expert you like and stick with with them. I chose Income School like many others do because I like their approach, but pick whoever you’re comfortable with.

If you have any further questions or comments please drop us a line on the Contact page and we’ll do our best to help out.