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Amazon Product Images Not Loading in WordPress on Firefox

This is a very specific problem that can happen when trying to use the Amazon Sitestripe to upload images onto your WordPress website. Sometimes the image will not display and there will just be little broken image link in a box instead of the actual product. Is there a fix to this?

There are a number of different reasons why this may happen, but we will cover a specific possible cause for this that relates to using the Firefox browser. Having certain settings on Firefox can stop images loading from other websites. Let’s look at how to change these settings and get your Amazon affiliate product images loading properly.

When you use the Amazon Sitestripe to put product images on your site, it doesn’t embed an actual image but rather a code which then references where that image is on Amazon’s own servers. In other words, it pulls a live copy of the image off their server so if they change it on their side, it will change on your side as well to keep images up to date.

Nevertheless, having certain certain restrictions on Tracking and cookies in Firefox can stop these images being properly pulled off Amazon’s server and you will get the broken link box instead. To fix this do the following:

  • Go to Options in your Firefox browser.
  • Head to the Privacy and Security Tab.
  • If your Cookies and Tracking Protection settings are set to strict, bring them back to Standard. This should allow the images to load from Amazon.

Some cookies are needed to make sites work and this is an example of that. Having your settings too strict can stop images and other things loading so altering your settings can allow images to load again.