Tired Of Trolls In My Comments Section On YouTube (How To Get Rid Of Them – Channel Owner’s Guide)

This is unfortunately to be expected these days on YouTube – there’s a lot of trolls and generally obnoxious people about on most platforms, and they’ll often keep spamming content creator/channel owner’s videos with nasty/negative/annoying comments.

When you put a lot of time into creating and editing your videos, this can get frustrating after a while, and we’d rather just not have to deal with them at all. YouTube will often delete comments anyway if they contain certain evidence of trolling, spam or abuse, but sometimes me might have to intervene ourselves. Can we get rid of trolls from the comments section of videos on our channel?

There are actually features for channel owners on YouTube to remove individual comments, report users or even block them from your entire channel. This is a good way of reducing negativity and spam on your channel, which improves the experience of all users.

Here’s the quick steps:

  1. Load up one of your videos and find a troll comment.
  2. Click on the 3 dots burger icon next to their comment.
  3. Click on “Hide user from channel”
  4. That user’s comments will now not appear on any of your videos.

This is a great way of getting rid of troublemakers on your channel! Let’s run through illustrated steps.

Getting Rid Of Trolls On Your YouTube Channel

Individual YouTube users can also block/mute other individual users, so their comments don’t appear to them – we covered this in another guide.

But specifically for channel owners, there’s a more powerful feature that allows you to block a troll’s comment not just for you, but for all users on all of your videos on your channel.

First, you need to load up the video that’s got the troll comment. Go to Your Videos on the left hand sidebar when logged into your account to pull up all your published videos:

You then need to load up the video in question, and find the nasty/obnoxious comment. Click on the 3 dots burger icon next to it, where it brings up a couple of ban/block options:

Here’s what the options do:

Remove – Deletes just that comment, but nothing else. Other comments from them still appear

Report – Report the user to YouTube if their comment is especially abusive and crosses over into any kind of bullying/threats etc.

Hide User From Channel – Totally blocks and mutes that user on ALL videos on your channel. From then on, NONE of their comments will be visible to you or any other users on ANY of the videos on your channel. That person is now effectively talking to themselves whenever they post any more comments on any of your videos.

Ban User From Channel (Video Demo)


I like this feature because it’s a great way of getting rid of negativity on your channel, and it’s also a good way to get trolls wasting their energy, since they won’t always realize they’ve been muted, and will continue to waste time posting more obnoxious comments that no one ever sees on your channel. They’re talking to themselves, but don’t even realize it – a satisfying way to deal with these idiots!