How To Take A Screenshot On The Brave Browser (Illustrated Guide)

The Brave Browser has some great features, such as strongly privacy focused settings, plus the ability to block annoying YouTube ads, but taking a screenshot with this browser isn’t as straightforward as other browsers.

In fact, it’s not even immediately obvious that the Brave browser even has a screenshot feature. It does, but it just takes a little digging into the menus, plus executing some very basic commands, to get the job done.

Here’s a summary of how to take a screenshot with Brave:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + I
  2. Click on the 3 dots burger icon on the top right corner.
  3. Click on Run Command
  4. Type in “screenshot”
  5. Select the type of screenshot you want.
  6. Save the screenshot to your device

Let’s cover the main steps in details with pictures.

Illustrated Steps

Other browsers tend to have an obvious icon, option or shortcut to take a screenshot, but with the Brave browser, it’s more indirect and takes a few steps.

Firstly, you need to bring up the technical-looking user/coding interface on Brave. You do this by holding Ctrl + Shift + I at the same time.

This brings up an interface on the right hand side like this:

Click on the 3 dots burger icon in the top right corner and then select the Run Command option.

This brings up a command function box, similar to when you run the Command Prompt feature in Windows.

Type screenshot into this box, and 4 screenshot command options will come up, like this:

The top two options – Capture area screenshot and Capture full size screenshot – are the ones you’ll need most often. Let’s run through how to use each one:

Capture area screenshot – Allows you to select a customized square area of the browser screen in view, instead of the entire page. Select it, and your mouse icon should turn to a black cross instead. Hold and drag this cross with your mouse/left click button to select the area you want, and then release your mouse/left button when done. The “save as” feature should automatically pop up – name your file, select where you want it saved and then save it. You now have an image of the screenshot of the area you selected on that tab of the Brave Browser saved on your device.

Capture full size screenshot – This second option just saves a screenshot of the entire in-view page on that tab of the Brave browser. Click on it, and the “save as” box should immediately come up. Name and save your file, and you now have a full screen image saved to your device. Note, this feature only saves the full in-view screen – if it’s a longer page that tabs down further, it will not save any part of the page not in view. It only saves what’s visible at the time, but it does take a full screenshot of what’s visible. For saving the entire length of a page, including what’s not currently in view, you’re best using another browser (see below).

Note that both of these features will only save what you have on the screen, apart from the interface you’re using to run these commands. It doesn’t save the screen, plus the command feature on the right; it just saves what’s on the left hand side next to the command feature – either part or all of this depending on the option you select.

Taking Screenshots Using Windows Snipping Tool Instead

If you don’t really want to be using these run commands, there is an even simpler way to take a partial or full screenshot of any current page on any browser or application at least for Windows devices, and that’s to use the Snipping Tool feature.

Here’s what you do to use this (for Windows 10/11 devices):

  1. Hold The Windows key + S, and select Snipping Tool if available. Or just search for Snipping Tool from your Windows search bar (bottom left)
  2. Once the app opens, select New in the top left corner.
  3. Your mouse symbol turns into a cross. Click, hold and drag over the area you want to screenshot.
  4. Release and a copy of the selected area loads up in the Snipping Tool
  5. Click on the Save disk icon and name the file and select destination folder.
  6. A screenshot of the selected area is now saved to your device as an image.

This is basically very similar to the Capture area screenshot feature in the Brave browser itself, and gets you to pretty much the same result. If you want to save the whole screen, just drag the cross icon over the entire screen area on your Brave tab, and it’ll save it all to your device.

Taking Screenshots in Other Browsers

If you ever run into trouble using Brave, you could always load the same page in another browser and take a screenshot on that instead.

It is generally easier and quicker to take screenshots in most other major browsers; here’s a run down of how to do if some of the other browsers:

Firefox – Right click on any part of the screen, and then click on the Take Screenshot option that should appear. Or you can use the Ctrl + Shift + S shortcut. You can drag and release a specific area, or there’s an option to take full size screenshot, and even to save full page (even the non visible part) with this feature, so it’s a bit more thorough than the Brave screenshot feature. See here for a guide

Opera – There’s a simple Camera icon in the top right corner of the browser. Click it and as with Firefox, you have the option to click and drag over a specified area, save full visible page, or save entire page (even the non visible part) as a PDF. Again easier and more thorough than the Brave screenshot feature. See here.

Chrome – Less obvious on this browser. You need to use the Windows Print Screen (PrtSc) key, or download the Full Page Screen Shot Page extension. See here for a guide.


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